Great Britain First Day Cover, '25th Anniv. Battle of Britain - Edith Weston CDS', Plain, Edith Weston Oakham Rutland, 13-Sep-1965

'25th Anniv. Battle of Britain - Edith Weston CDS' (13-Sep-1965)

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Country: Great Britain
Type: First Day Cover
Producer: Plain
Issue Date: 13-Sep-1965
Official/Ordinary: Plain
Postmark Type: Counter Date Stamp
Postmark Location: Edith Weston Oakham Rutland
Address Type: Printed
Stamp 1: 6 x 4d
Stamp 2: 9d
Stamp 3: 1/3d
Comments: Edith Weston was home to RAF North Luffenham during WWII, so a lovely tied Counter Date Stamp. FDI set split across 2 covers. Envelopes have been carefully slit open along top edge.
Coating: Non Phosphor

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