Great Britain First Day Cover - Mini Sheet, 'Transports of Delight', Cotswold, Transports of Delight Hornby, 18-Sep-2003

'Transports of Delight' (18-Sep-2003)

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Country: Great Britain
Type: First Day Cover - Mini Sheet
Producer: Cotswold
Issue Date: 18-Sep-2003
Official/Ordinary: Ordinary
Postmark Type: Special Handstamp
Postmark Location: Transports of Delight Hornby
Address Type: Blank
Stamp 1: 1st Meccano Constructor Biplane c 1931
Stamp 2: E Wells-Brimtoy Clockwork Double Decker Omnibus c1938
Stamp 3: 42p Hornby M1 Clockwork Locomotive and Tender c 1948
Stamp 4: 47p Dinky Toys Ford Zephyr c 1956
Stamp 5: 68p Mettoy Friction Drive Space Ship Eagle c 1960

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