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About Stamphawk

Greetings fellow cover collectors and welcome to Stamphawk.

Stamphawk launched in early 2019, and is primarily focused on British First Day Covers and British Commemorative Covers, covering all dates and all themes. We also hold a stock of PHQ Cards, Booklets, Presentation Packs, Interesting Postal History, Air Mail and Occasional Non-British Covers.

In September 2019 we became members of the PTS (Philatelic Traders' Society Limited). The PTS has a reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism in philately, and aims to provide assurance to collectors around the world that they are buying from an accredited dealer

My background is that I was an avid stamp and first day cover collector in my youth, and then over the years drifted in and out of it as adult life and responsibilities pulled me in different directions, but I'm delighted to be able to say that it is now my full time hobby and profession. Obviously the world has changed a lot since then, and now there are first day covers online whereas it used to be magazines at best, and generally price lists via royal mail.

The main challenge of launching the site has been getting all of my existing stock of 10,000+ covers listed, something which I envisage will take until the end of 2019 or maybe beyond. I'm very keen  to get out and start sourcing other stock of interest, but I'm refraining from doing that until the bulk of the existing is listed - but on the basis I am adding new covers every day please do keep abreast of new additions regularly.

Further to that is the challenge of valuing and pricing all of those items, so I devised a pricing algorithm to try to do that for me, but if there's anything on the site you are interested in but don't like the price, then feel free to drop me a mail with an offer and we'll see what we can do.

As I am currently running the site and everything else on my own, I am remaining internet-only for the time being, so if you do need to get in touch please drop me a mail and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. In time I hope to have more capacity to manage telephone enquiries as well.

If you want to be kept updated of stock being added and to be added, please do add yourself to our newsletter mailing list - I promise you will not be inundated with information, and you can unsubscribe with immediate effect at any time if you prefer.

What are first day covers? I have also added an information page where I will attempt to answer some of the more common questions eg "What are my first day covers worth?", "what are my stamps worth?", "what is the most valuable first day covers?", "Where can I sell my first day covers?", etc. I will continue to expand this page over time to include the more common questions I receive.

Where can I sell my first day covers? If you are interested in selling your covers or your collection, please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do

I hope you enjoy the site, and please do let me know if you have any comments, either positive or negative.

Kindest regards,